Effective Management Of Accounts

Control Management: language, region, budget and cost-per-click

1. Choice of language and regional distribution location:

  • The main users of your chosen language and the same, they will see your advertising.
  • Configuration option to the specific location, in accordance with national, regional defined target customers.
  • From 41 languages and nearly 200 countries to choose. You can even choose to display your ads only to specific cities or regions of users to watch.
  • Language and regional choice will determine who can see your advertising. For example, if your configuration Chinese (Traditional), and the allocation of areas for Taiwan and China, in this (Taiwan and China) region, their language preference settings Set Chinese (Traditional) users will see your advertising.
(Absolute hit potential customers)
2. Set your maximum cost-per-click (CPC):
  • Based on the input keywords, will be calculated proposed maximum cost per click, and may be expected and the number of hits on the cost. Set acceptable cost per click Numerical.
  • Further examine each keyword ranking and cost. Change the highest cost per click, your advertising will be the average rankings, click and cost implications.
  • Keyword low cost per click will not be able to trigger pay-per-click advertising exposure.
3. Set your budget:
  • This budget can help your advertising in the daily maximum exposure. You can to raise or reduce this budget amount; your advertising will be so in a day which average numerical display.
(Small budget can be published advertising)